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What makes EASIT casino games special?

The games from EASIT, a SYNOT holding company, are characterized mainly by their sophisticated 3D graphics and simple gameplay. Thanks to these aspects, their games are sought-after and popular with players. When you play them, you'll feel like you're in a real casino.

V akých slovenských online kasínach nájdeme hry od EASIT?

Ich hry si môžete zahrať napríklad v kasínach:

What roulette games does this provider have in their portfolio?

In the EASIT manufacturer's portfolio, you will find almost a dozen roulette games. All roulette games follow European rules, which means they are played with one zero. Among the roulette games, you will find such renowned titles as Roulette Ultimate or Roulette Diamonds. If you like adrenaline and higher bets, there are also VIP versions of these games. In some casinos, you can even play Multi Roulette, where you will be able to enjoy a multiplayer mode and thus play with multiple players at one table.

Are these online roulettes also available on mobile?

The developers at EASIT are well aware that more and more players prefer to enjoy casino games from their mobile phones. All their roulette games are therefore mobile-friendly, so you can enjoy a great gaming experience anytime, anywhere.

What types of bets can you find in them? Do they include advanced features and statistics?

With EASIT roulette games, there is something for all players – newcomers and seasoned players alike. In basic mode, you can place all types of the most common bets – that is, inside bets and outside bets. For more advanced players, EASIT roulettes also have a so-called Expert Mode, which, when activated, offers you the possibility to make advanced bets such as Red Splits, Black Splits, Finale en Plein, Finale, or Orphelin Plein. EASIT roulette doesn't lack statistics. They are not very sophisticated, but in the games, you can view the statistics of the spun numbers, their success rate, or the proportion of the categories themselves.

Does EASIT offer other types of casino table games?

Yes, EASIT specializes in casino table games and online scratch cards. You can play quality card games like blackjack and poker from them. These types of table games also meet high-quality standards, so again, if you decide to give them a try, you have a lot to look forward to.