Casino bonuses for online roulette

Casino bonuses for online roulette

Online casinos offer their players a wide range of benefits you just can't find in traditional casinos. The largest benefit from playing roulette online is the option to play roulette and other casino games for free. On the Internet there are so many online casinos competing to be the players’ favourites. That is why they offer players both the excitement of gaming and a wide range of added benefits. If you decide to play roulette online for real money, there are specific bonuses defined especially for you offered by online casinos for playing casino games. Other benefits, in addition to introductory and regular financial bonuses, include various promotions, competitions and drawings for valuable prizes. Some casinos even give away exotic vacations, luxury cars and around-the-world cruises.

Welcome casino bonus

All casinos offer a welcome bonus for players who decide to play at the casino for the first time. This can be a fixed amount of money to try playing games with real money or the casino may provide a multiple of your first deposit to your playing account as a credit. This bonus is usually the largest and casinos use it to attract new players.

Reload casino bonus

A reload bonus is another of the most common bonuses. This bonus is awarded every week or once a month. The online casino credits your account with a bonus based on your activity over a defined period of time or based on your first deposit in each month. For the casino it is important to maintain the trust of casino players over the long term. This type of bonus is intended for just this purpose.

VIP casino bonus

These bonuses are specifically for a casino's VIP players. VIP players are regular and frequent players who often wager huge sums of money. The amount of such a wager is purely individual. A large number of competitions are in place for VIP players, who qualify based on the amount wagered in a specific period of time.

Casino referral bonus

The principle of this bonus is to get you to bring your friends to the casino you play in. If your friend registers and starts playing, both you and your friend receive a special reward. These types of bonuses are only offered by some casinos.

Occasion-based casino bonuses

Is it Christmas? Easter? Is it your birthday? There are a million reasons for giving out bonuses. Some casinos use these days to hand out bonuses. Sometimes they simply distribute bonuses for no reason - who signs up on a specific day or hour, receives a bonus.

Current bonus conditions of TOP online casinos


100% bonus on your first casino deposit up to 200 GBP + free spins

Bonus: 200 GBP

A 100% bonus on an initial casino token purchase up to €200, or a 50% bonus up to €1000

Bonus: 1000 EUR

100% bonus from your first deposit up to £200 (UK) / €100 {international}

Bonus: 200 GBP

up to €1000 (100% from 1st deposit, 25% from 2nd deposit, 50% bonus from 3rd deposit)

Bonus: 1000 EUR

DEPOSIT & PLAY £25/£100/£200 & GET 25/100/200 CASH SPINS

Bonus: 0 EUR

300€ bonus and 300 free spins

Bonus: 300 EUR
William Hill

100% bonus from 1st deposit up to 150 GBP, or higher for high-rollers

Bonus: 150 GBP

a € 350 welcome package with 150 free spins

Bonus: 350 EUR
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