Roulette Diamonds

Roulette Diamonds

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Do you, too, feel lost when browsing the wide selection of various online roulette games? That’s perfectly normal, since the number of such games is indeed huge. But every player ends up finding their own favorites, which they then regularly and happily return to from time to time. And once you come in contact with Roulette Diamonds, we believe that you’re more than likely to save it among your favorites.

In fact, it’s becoming a rule of thumb that all games released by EASIT have a certain “special something” which make them a great choice in their genre. And the same goes for Roulette Diamonds. And, in general, we rate the graphics of this online casino game to be top-notch. The game is in fact really well done as a whole.

There's nothing missing

Roulette Diamonds is a classical roulette game with the standard European rules. On the top of the screen you see a spinning roulette wheel, and below that you’ll find the playing field. On the right there’s the racetrack which includes extended bets - a feature that we recently fell in love with. The bottom of the screen depicts the basic buttons required to play - Spin, Delete, Back and x2. One thing we found really useful is the availability of special bets - to access these, you need to activate the Expert Mode (via the dedicated button). This allows you to access bets such as Red Splits, Black Splits, Orphelin Plein, Finale en Plein, ... (the description of the bets is available in Roulette Rules)

If you like to analyze your previous decisions when selecting bets and actions, you’ll also certainly like the addition of statistics from past games. The upper left corner displays the last 9 winning numbers, and clicking on the graph icon allows you to access the most frequent winning numbers and the winning rates between individual categories - black/red, even/odd, hot/cold numbers. So there’s no lack of material for studying.

Sounds are also very well done, and the background music won’t get on your nerves even after playing for a long time.

Roulette Diamonds VIP for players with more money to spare

As we mentioned above, the well-done graphics and sounds of Roulette Diamonds will evoke the feeling of really playing directly in a casino. The online roulette also has a follow-up called Diamonds VIP, which is intended for braver (and richer) players. Indeed, the betting limits there are much higher.

Try spinning the wheel - even for free

If you’ve never seen this type of online roulette before, you should certainly change that as soon as possible. We spent a few enjoyable hours with the game. And you can try the game even for free if you want - it’s well worth it.

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