Roulette Platinum

Roulette Platinum

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The lovers of roulette games are liking virtual online casinos more and more. It’s exactly where they can get what they’re missing in brick and mortar casinos. The Roulette Platinum game from the development company EASIT is a classical example of the always improving visual and sound aspects of games.

The 2D mode of Roulette Platinum

Roulette Platinum is intended mainly for those who consider roulette as their fun. Due to its 2D graphics mode, it is slightly missing the feeling of being in a real casino. On the other hand, the birds-eye view of the roulette wheel will aid in the overall clarity of all the functions that this standard European roulette type offers. What can you expect while playing Roulette Platinum in British online casinos?

The racetrack is not missing from Roulette Platinum but detailed statistics are absent

The spinning roulette wheel dominates the entire game in the left part of the screen. To the right of it is playing field with 37 numbers above which the basic racetrack is located. It gives the game some variety and expands the betting options. Thanks to it, the roulette beginner will have a deeper look into the layout of numbers on the roulette wheel and he may, therefore, become more familiar with the other roulette terms. What we can criticize Roulette Platinum for is the missing detailed statistics of spun numbers. Only seeing the last 10 fallen numbers is truly too little. This is a standard European roulette type.

You can select your bet with various chip values. Your maximum bet depends on its type and you don’t have to be afraid of limits. The system will automatically stop you with a higher bet with a warning about exceeding it. With the circular green Spin, you will spin the roulette ball and the game can begin. A smart solution is the choice of repeating your last bet or making it double.

In the game settings, you can comfortably select any combination of 3 sound settings and one of 4 playing field colors and also your preferred game language. You have a choice of Slovak or English.

Roulette Platinum is also for free at the online casino

If you’re asking whether we recommend Roulette Platinum to you as a beginner and new roulette fan, then our answer is yes. If you don't have much experience with roulette games then you should definitely try this online table game in its simple and clear form.

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