Shaun’s roulette system

Shaun’s roulette system

There are various roulette systems in existence, which are derived from known mathematical rules and are based on the theory of probability, but, the system we’ll be presenting in this article is different. It was developed by Shaun - a fantastic roulette player who worked on it for so long until he led it to perfection.

It’s safe to say that many players consider Shaun’s roulette system to be strange and sometimes they don’t even consider it to be a gaming strategy. The truth, however, is that using it gives the player an unbelievable chance of winning, up to 90%. How is this possible? Simple.

The system is based on the high probability of winning (9:1). You can reach it the following way. The roulette has 37 ball pockets. 36 numbers + 0. Our goal when applying this system is to cover 33 numbers and color with 66 chips in such a way that only 4 free places remain. This means that you’ll lose only if one of those 4 numbers wins. If you win, you receive 6 chips.

How to play Shaun’s roulette system

  • 1. At first bet 36 chips on a color, for example, red.
  • 2. The second option is to bet 4 chips on numbers but don’t play the numbers directly. Aim your bet at the splits meaning the dividing lines between numbers. Place the chips where the following splits occur: 0-2, 8-11, 10-13, 17-20, 26-29, 28-31.
  • 3. This third option is a bit of an improvisation as you need to place your bet 2 chips on any 3 numbers from 4, 6, 15, 22, 24, 33, 35. The choice is yours.

The total bet is 66 chips. Maybe you're wondering if it’s possible to play Shaun’s system also in a progressive way whether bet multiplying works. Yes, it is possible, but don’t forget to always multiply all of your bets otherwise the system stops making sense.

Disadvantages of Shaun’s strategy

Shaun’s roulette system brings a truly amazing probability of winning but watch out, it’s still not 100% and in that 10% is where the weakness is hiding. The bets are high and a series of losses may really rock your budget. Which is why we recommend playing this system only as an addition to other roulette systems. Try it out, for example, if you have some chips remaining from the previous game or for a one-off game. Also think hard if you’ll be playing Shaun’s roulette system on the American Roulette that has two zeros which lowers the system’s yield.


If you belong among players who want to enjoy themselves while playing and like a bit of certainty rather than risk, Shaun’s system in combination with, for example, the D’Alembert system is the perfect choice for you. Using it, however, requires genuine patience and most importantly, self-control because you really need to know when to quit and not push your luck.