Other roulette games with unusual combinations

Other roulette games with unusual combinations

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Basic types of roulette games

If online casinos want to reach the widest possible range of casino players, they tend to add table games to their portfolio alongside slot machines especially the queen of these games, roulette.

The most common types encountered in online casinos are mainly European and French roulette. There are no big differences between them, they are practically the same rules, wheel, and the same playing field, which often comes in two formats, the classic and the Racetrack field with bets on adjacent numbers in the wheel. The only difference may be in the language version or the special "La Partage "bet where half of the bet amount is returned if a zero is rolled.

Sometimes you can also come across American Roulette but unlike the above-mentioned ones, it has two zeros.

Other nontraditional Roulette versions

Players usually appreciate the good old classics, so special types of roulettes probably won't attract them that much. Nevertheless, some companies are experimenting with this classic game to attract those who are bored with the basic types or just want to try something new and unusual.

Some of the changes from the original roulette wheel are in the size of the wheel itself and the number of places. In the classic version, we have 36 of them and with zero we have a total of 37. However, in some special so-called Miniroulettes, there are only 13 (12+0), and in the larger version, there can be up to 101 (100+0).

In some other versions, we have an additional ring added to the wheel, and the playing field has extra boxes for special bets or a randomly assigned bonus number or character in the playing field. Alternatively, you can play Multiwheel Roulette where multiple wheels spin simultaneously at the same time. A very specific type is Chinese roulette, where the numbers are substituted for the characters (animals) of the Chinese calendar.

In rare cases, changes may even affect the way we arrive at the numbers themselves. A nice example is, for example, the older game Pinball Roulette from Playtech, where the final number is not determined by the wheel, but by the pinball table. In it, a ball shoots out and it bounces randomly to the numbers moving at the bottom of it.