Roulette systems, playing strategies and tips on how to play

Roulette systems, playing strategies and tips on how to play

It's no secret that many players automatically think of roulette when they hear the word casino. It is the queen of casino games, adored by millions of players around the world. This game, which originated in the 18th century, can be played in any good brick-and-mortar casino, but the online version is becoming increasingly popular.

How to play the roulette

Roulette is popular with players for two reasons, mainly because of its higher payback and also because of the simplicity of the rules. Above all, the payback gives players a better chance of winning, with many of them also trying various roulette systems to help them play. These are gaming systems that guide bets in a series of consecutive rounds, at the end of which players should achieve a win. Although, let's face it, no strategy can guarantee you a gambling win and you can't beat the casino in the long run. Roulette systems originated in France, they are probability-driven and guide the amount you bet on the same opportunity.

Online Roulette Game Systems

There are approximately several dozen roulette systems in use today. Probably the oldest roulette system is the Fibonacci strategy, which follows the Fibonacci number series of the Italian mathematician Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci.

Among the most used roulette systems is the Martingale system, which is very popular but also very risky. The principle of this system is to double the bets after each non-winning spin, and in this system bets with a 50:50 probability of winning are made (e.g. bet on a color, pair/odds...).

Another very well-known roulette system is a system called Labouchere. This system is used by having the player write down any long number line and the bet per color is determined by the sum of the first and last numbers of that number line. After a win, the first and last numbers must be crossed off the order and the same system continues. After a losing bet, the losing amount is added to the end of the number line.

Finally, let's mention other well-known roulette strategies such as D'Alembert, Paroli, or Shan's system. In case you want to learn as much as possible about roulette systems, you have come to the right place, as we will try to cover these systems in more detail on this page.

Know the risks of systems before you use them

If you are a roulette player who is just starting out, be sure to read the roulette rules first, and we also recommend that you go through the different roulette versions and their differences to see which one suits you better. If you decide to use a game system, you should first get to know it well and assess its risks. We wish you the best of luck, whether you use a game strategy or not.