Virtual Roulette

Virtual Roulette

Game properties

What type of players is the Virtual Roulette for?

The gameplay of the Virtual Roulette is designed in a very simple way and is ideal for beginners.

What are the rules of this online roulette game?

This online game from Amusnet follows standard European rules, so there are 37 numbers on the table, including one zero.

What bets can you place here? Does the game include a racetrack?

Yes, the online game Virtual Roulette includes Racetrack in addition to the basic bets.

What is the RTP of this casino game?

This is a roulette with standard European-style bets, so the return on play (RTP) is a classic 97.30%.

How is this roulette game played on mobile devices?

You can play the Virtual Roulette on both desktop and mobile, and the rules are the same in both cases.

Is it possible to try the Virtual Roulette for free?

Yes, you can play the Virtual Roulette for free on the manufacturer's website and on many casino sites and casinos without registering or making a deposit.

Every gaming company that develops online casino games tries to make its portfolio as diverse as possible. Amusnet (formerly EGT) has the same, and so although it is primarily known as an online slot developer, it also offers other games such as roulette. And it's Amusnet's Virtual Roulette that we're looking at today.

Virtual Roulette will especially please beginners

With its simplicity, Virtual Roulette targets beginners in particular. It offers only the bare essentials for playing roulette and the player has virtually nothing to lose. This is matched by the graphics, which are very bland, unlike Ultimate Roulette, but they serve their purpose.

But there is no need to be afraid, nothing important is missing here. Everything that online roulette needs to keep players with it is here. The game is played according to European rules and we are pleased that besides the basic functionalities, there is also the popular Racetrack.

A retro roulette without a roulette wheel

The first sight of a Virtual Roulette table may take your breath away. Something is missing. Something quite important. Yes, the roulette wheel. It's not that it's completely gone, it's just a bit lost in the thumbnail and easily overlooked alongside the other elements. However, simply place your bets, start the game round and the wheel will of course be enlarged so that you can see it clearly. But it’s still a fun addition.

But it's not just the roulette wheel you'll be getting used to. The other game components are also strangely scattered. For example, the betting chips are located on the top left, and the spin button and betting controls are on the bottom right. Frankly, it's not entirely intuitive. To play, place your chips in the bet box at the bottom of the screen or in the Racetrack at the top. However, we advise you to play in full-screen mode, as otherwise, some parts of the board are very hard to see.

For those who like different systems of play and like to make decisions based on statistics, there aren't many options here. All you have on the screen is the result of the last 8 rounds of play. Nothing more. There are also no options for special, extended bets, or saving your favorite bets to your default bets. Quite simply, Virtual Roulette is a roughly designed game and you either adapt to that or look elsewhere.

Play the Virtual Roulette game at an online casino

Virtual Roulette by Amusnet is definitely not recommended for demanding players who like the visuals and presentation of the game. However, everyone else could try a few rounds, and we think that Virtual Roulette might suit them, thanks to its relatively fast play and reasonable game options. It's best if you try it out in the casino. Make up your own mind about whether this roulette is worth your time.

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