Premium European Roulette

Premium European Roulette

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What type of players is the Premium European Roulette for?

The Premium European Roulette is designed for all players and thanks to its simple controls, it is ideal for beginners.

What are the rules of this online roulette game?

As the name Premium European Roulette reveals, the game follows European rules with 1 zero on the board.

What bets can you place here? Does the game include a racetrack?

The Premium European Roulette includes all standard inside and outside bets. You can also access the Racetrack with a single click and thus place side bets.

What is the RTP of this casino game?

Premium European Roulette's return to play (RTP) is a classic 97.30%, which is the standard for the European version of roulette.

How is this roulette game played on mobile devices?

Premium European Roulette is optimized for mobile devices and screens of all resolutions, so you can play it on your Android or iOS tablet or mobile phone. The rules on mobile are exactly the same as in the desktop version.

Is it possible to try the Premium European Roulette for free?

Playtech's Premium European Roulette can also be found in many online casinos as a free demo.

Playtech's online roulette games are recognizable as soon as you turn them on. Graphically they do not stand out, or rather they are quite bland, but they are very easy to control and the player has the maximum overview while playing. Almost all of them can be played on a single screen. However, Premium European Roulette is an exception to this. No, it's not a graphical orgy this time either, but the controls bring some interesting elements.

Premium roulette classics in a simple presentation

As the name clearly suggests, this is the European version of the game. That means that classic roulette rules with one zero and 37 numbers. There is nothing to surprise you in this respect. We were pleased that the table also includes Racetrack, which is not always the case.

Premium European Roulette does not impress with its graphics, quite the opposite. But what would bother us with slot machines doesn't bother us so much with roulette. But that doesn't mean Playtech shouldn't add a little more next time. The same goes for the sounds as they are average. They don't offend, but they don't delight either, the music loop gets boring after a few minutes.

Sophisticated control of the entire table

The table itself is laid out precisely, and complete control of a single gaming table is accomplished by moving the cursor smoothly from left to right. On the far left is the chip value selection, at the top center is the wheel, below it is the bet placement box and on the far right is the bet, repeat, and double buttons. To the left of the wheel, you can see the details of the spun number, and on the right is the statistics of the last rounds.

This racetrack is not part of the main screen, but just click on its thumbnail just above the playing field and the bottom of the screen will turn into a racetrack. It's a clever solution that has prevented the table areas from being unnecessarily reduced. We like this way, but some people may not like clicking through.

Play the European Premium Roulette in a casino

The European Premium Roulette is a simple game that offers a true roulette experience. You must not be discouraged by the already outdated visuals. If you give it a chance, it will reward you with a pleasant roulette experience and, with a bit of luck and skill, some nice winnings. You can play it at online casinos with Playtech games. We wish you good luck playing.

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