European Roulette GOLD

European Roulette GOLD

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Did you know that among players, the roulette is the most popular casino game? That, which is so attractive about this game is the simplicity without any complicated rules. Today's online roulettes are so well-made that you have a feeling like your sitting in a real casino.

There is a number of highly engineered online games on the market and one of them struck us. European Roulette GOLD from MICROGAMING. This casino game is part of the Gold series to which also Blackjack Gold or Baccarat Gold fall. It is also intended for the most demanding types of players.

The GOLD modifier is appropriate

The European Roulette GOLD online casino game as the name suggests is a roulette game with European rules. Which means that there is only 1 zero on the playing field (unlike the American roulette with 2 zeros, see the differences in roulette games) and the numbers from 1 to 36. At the begging of the game, you select the required value of a chip and place it on the table and make your bet. During the betting itself, you can use two modes – the Regular or Expert mode.

In the Regular mode, you are using simple bets such as odds/evens, red/black, columns, specific number and the favorite “Racetrack” is not missing on the playing field with the option to bet on Les Voisins Du Zero, Tiers Du Cylindre and Les Orphelins.

The Expert mode offers the player other interesting options of betting thanks to which the game becomes more flowing and fun. After clicking the “Expert” and “Call Bets” buttons, you will be offered the bets Red Splits, Black Splits, Zero Game, Finales en Plein, etc. What made us the happiest, however, is that European Roulette GOLD contains a unique function thanks to which you can place up to 8 bets as you want. In the Expert mode by clicking the “Edit Layout” button and then on a different screen, you will place your chips in detail on the playing field. You can activate or change this layout at any time during the game. All you have to do is select the number of the playing field. The roulette also offers the function “reBet” which has sped-up the game.

So that the game has a tempo, the developers of European Roulette GOLD added the automatic game function. You can get to its settings through the Expert mode after clicking the “Autoplay” button where you can select whether the machine will stop after a designated number of games or after crossing a certain limit. If you like to analyze your game, the button with the % symbol located in the left lower part of the screen will please you. You can find detailed statistics of your game there.

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European Roulette GOLD is a greatly made casino game which is difficult to criticize. It has all the important things in it and even the most demanding players will certainly appreciate it. However, we won’t forget the well-known saying - a hundred people, a hundred tastes and so make your own opinion. Try it out for free.

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