Weird and silly things that people do in casino

Weird and silly things that people do in casino

A lot can happen over a casino. In fact, casino parlors are the only place where you can have the time of your life by indulging yourself into some of the most interesting, crazy as well as silly stuffs. These indulgences could be as plain and as adventurous as they could be. When people go to a casino, they don’t only visit their favorite parlors just to extract a huge sum out of casino machines but to enjoy the vibes as well. Intentionally or not, they happen to meet some of the zaniest and funniest happenings that they could have never imagined of. Resulting, some people end up doing some of the silliest and craziest things there. Following are a few weird and silly things that people end up doing in a casino:

1. Casino: a game of superstitions?

Superstitious belief can never satisfy a man’s logic. In fact, a majority of people don’t shy away from acting and working on some of the silliest superstitions in order to make their luck work for them. Talking about the luck, casino is the place where you can get the luckiest as well as the unluckiest at the same time. Thus, why not use some of the silliest antics to bring the God of luck into your favor?

Some of the people while playing their casino games stick religiously to these superstitions while on betting. Some of these instances include making their bets using their left hand, swearing and chanting several verses and mantras before placing the bet. The funniest incident is where a man was captured throwing salt into the ashtray every time the dealer would spin the wheel. He described it was to ward of the evil spirits, of course. As weird as it sounds, people don’t shy away from working on these.

2. Can you eat your money?

This one serves as one of the funniest and silliest incident that could ever be captured on the CCTV camera or be encountered by someone. Have you ever seen a person eating all his money on losing? Yes, you heard that right.

This one comes straight from the mouth of a security guy as he elaborated this silly happening in the casino at Nairobi, Kenya. A customer visited the casino and came to a roulette table. He let his money spread across two-thirds of the numbers. Unfortunately, he won nothing in the game and all his hopes met a dead end. Till the time he came into realization about his defeat, he started running with the money that he was otherwise required to pay to the dealer. It was when the security guard cornered him, he put all the bills into his mouth and started swallowing the same. However, the guards and the team there successfully managed to force him to spit the cash out of his mouth. The money was dried up, straightened out and was eventually put back to the play. Guess the customer was too hungry, eh?

3. Oh! Shit:

This one must be noted as the grossest thing that could ever happen to a casino parlor where a number of people involve themselves in winning huge cash prizes and having the time of their life in a positive and of course, hygienic environment.

So what happened was that an American woman was playing the slots in the casino. This lady was cleaning up as she had already won a good deal of thousand dollars in her bets. She soon realized that she needed a bathroom to free herself off. However, she was convinced that if she leaves, someone would surely steal all her winnings. Thus, here a lady made this wise and of course, a shitty decision for herself – shitting on the casino floor where all her money was kept. She went behind the machine only to poop her pants off.

It was when the attendant started smelling something really dreadful, he realized that the lady had certainly got some shit on her mind.

4. What the spook!

This incident could be quoted as one of the weirdest thing that has ever happened over a casino parlor. It happened one night when a gambler was all down at about $56,000. This gambler didn’t sip a drop of alcohol and was completely sober as he was constantly enjoying his soft drinks and not the harder ones.

However, something really spooky happened in sometime and this man started talking to the security team through the CCTV cameras mounted across the walls of casino parlor. He was constantly staring into the lens and was also found shouting and swearing words. He soon noticed that the cameras were swiveling and this fact added insult to his already existing injury. This man didn’t stop here and grabbed and ashtray and starting smacking down the camera with the same. By this point of time, he was caught by the security. Weird, indeed.

5. Violence, violence everywhere:

Casino is the game all about winning and losing. The winning ones make merry and the losers do nothing but leave. However, sometimes these losers become so aggressive that they don’t shy away from losing their calm and creating distortion everywhere.

However, this one case was not about winning or losing a bet, but an entirely different story. There was this man who came in with a very intense look on his face. The moment he signed in to the computer, a yellow mark was found appearing next to his name. Yellow ticks next to the name create two possibilities: either he was a high roller or an aggressive cheater. Though he was allowed to play, but there was a certain condition that he was required to fulfill. This man then became furious on stating the said condition and started blowing things out of proportion by throwing massive sums of money all around.

On account of being requested to switch to another table, he started losing his calm even more by shouting aloud and creating a fuss out of nothing. He didn’t give up and ended up removing the top of the roulette table.